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Get Sh*t Done: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity, Procrastination, & Profitability by Jeffrey Gitomer

Get Sh*t Done: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity, Procrastination, & Profitability by Jeffrey Gitomer

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Discover the lost secrets of accomplishment and achievement! 

Do you want to do more, accomplish more? Of course you do, everyone does. So, what’s stopping you? Get Sh*t Done not only shows you what’s preventing you from daily achievement, it provides the tools and the strategies to help you get to where you want to be. Get Sh*t Done is much more than just the title of this book, it’s the method that unlocks the secrets of accomplishment and achievement―the GSD Secret Formula. In this book, you will learn to identify and implement the elements of superior productivity, eliminate the causes of procrastination, and achieve the best possible outcomes in business and in life.

This valuable guide gives you a comprehensive, step-by-step plan for achieving maximum productivity. Bestselling author and "King of Sales" Jeffrey Gitomer guides you through each aspect of the GSD process, from attitude, desire, and determination, to goals, productivity, resilience, and fulfillment. Engaging and easy to read, this book shows you how to discover the best ways to invest your time into productive and profitable actions―and feel great about your achievements. Using the proven, immediately-actionable GSD Formula, you’re on your way to:

  • Doubling your achievements, your work habits, and your income
  • Implementing simple shifts and simple actions that increase positive outcomes
  • Recognizing the early warning signs of procrastination and reluctance
  • Eliminating the major GSD distractions that hold you back
  • Discovering how to select, set, and achieve your goals

Get Sh*t Done: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity, Procrastination, & Profitability is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to never again say "I'll do it later" and just get it done.


From the Inside Flap


New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer shows you what it takes to do more, be more, and as a result. . .have more. Get Sh*t Done explains why your attitude and your concentration affect your productivity, your attainment, and ultimately, your outcomes. He reveals how the lost secrets of accomplishment and achievement combined with the new science of doing, having, and winning will get you where you want to go. Get Sh*t Doneexplains how to double your achievements, your work habits, and your income with 3.5 simple shifts and actions. And, Gitomer describes the proven strategies to implement, the value and the ease of implementation, the importance of fulfillment when sh*t gets done, and the added income that will result from your increased positive outcomes.

Get Sh*t Done is the book for you, if you are ready to: put into action the elements of greater productivity, get the answers to what causes procrastination, and apply the formula that "productivity minus procrastination leads to profit." Gitomer outlines and defines a step-by-step process of achievement that starts with attitude and explores the elements of success including belief, desire, determination, goals, productivity, resilience, achievement, and fulfillment. In addition, the author includes game plans for eliminating the destructive elements that hinder productivity and achievement: procrastination and reluctance.

The author's engaging style makes Get Sh*t Doneeasy and enjoyable to read. The book's messages and challenges are designed to be both transferrable and simple to implement. If you want to tackle your "to do list," or a project, or an assignment, or a goal, or a dream, put the strategies in Get Sh*t Done into action right now! This book will get you from "do" to "done."


From the Back Cover


The must-have guide for getting sh*t done!

" . . . .I live in a world where I have multiple choices of things to do every day, and sometimes the choices are so overwhelming that I do nothing. I admit it.

On the other hand, I wrote this book, and you didn't.

And then the obvious question is: if you have a list of 10 things to do, what do you actually do first? Answer is always THE MOST IMPORTANT THING (not the most urgent thing).

I tend to focus on the panic deadline. When the panic is completed, I then have a bit of peace. In order to Get Sh*t Done, there must be intervals of peace.

My fight―your fight: is for time and against time. Twenty-four hours―that's what you and I have in common. USE of time is how we differ.

In these pages you will discover the BEST ways to invest your time into productive and profitable actions―have a blast, and feel GREAT about your achievements."
―Jeffrey Gitomer

Written for those who finds it hard to Get Sh*t Done, this book is designed to have a profound, life-changing effect on anyone who wants to adopt and implement the elements of greater productivity. New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer explains why we are so often stymied by procrastination and reveals the strategies to achieve and profit more.


About the Author


JEFFREY GITOMER is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Sales Bible, Little Red Book of Selling, Little Black Book of Connections, and Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude. His books have appeared on major bestseller lists more than 500 times and have sold millions of copies worldwide.

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