In Search of Wisdom: A Monk, a Philosopher and a Psychiatrist on What Matters Most

In Search of Wisdom: A Monk, a Philosopher and a Psychiatrist on What Matters Most

Ricard, Matthieu & Andre, Christophe et al.

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In Search of Wisdom is a book born of the friendship of three gifted teachers, exploring the universal human journey and our quest for meaning and understanding. This translation of the French bestseller brings readers an intimate, insightful, and wide-ranging conversation between Buddhist monk and author Matthieu Ricard, philosopher Alexandre Jollien, and psychiatrist Christophe André.

Join these three luminaries as they share their views on how we uncover our deepest aspirations in life, the nature of the ego, living with the full range of human emotion, the art of listening, the temple of the body, the origin of suffering, the joy of altruism, true freedom, and much more.

"We don't pretend to be experts on the subject matter or models in accomplishing the work or overcoming the obstacles involved in it," they write. "We are only travelers in search of wisdom, aware that the path is long and arduous, and that we have so much still to discover, to clarify, and to assimilate through practice . . . Our dearest wish is that when you cast your eyes on these pages, you will discover subjects for reflection to inspire you and brighten the light of your life."?

In Search of Wisdom Highlights

• Discovering our deepest aspirations

• The ego: friend or impostor?

• Learning to live with the full spectrum of our emotions

• The art of listening

• The body: burden or idol?

• Suffering and its origins

• The joy of altruism

• The school of simplicity

• Guilt and forgiveness

• True freedom

• Daily practice




“It is rare that old friends with such different life trajectories can come together in deep conversation and give rise to a resource of such honesty, depth, and benefit to others. But this mutual exploration of meaning and embodiment in the face of the human condition at its most challenging and also at its best is exactly that kind of emergence. This rich and nuanced conversation has the potential to leave you more awake and more connected to your own unique beauty and longing, and more inspired to practice as if your very life and the well-being of the world depended on it―which of course they do.” ―Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Full Catastrophe Living and founder of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)

“Reading this extraordinary book is like being present for a fascinating and profound conversation with three brilliant, wise, and large-hearted people. It is delightfully stimulating for the mind, plus full of soulful and practical suggestions for a happier and more loving life. Wow. Highly recommended.” ―Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

“In the Sufi tradition, the singular reality we call God is often named the Beloved, sometimes the Friend. By extension, Sufi teachers and their students dwell together in an unusual ‘friendship,’ cultivated through an intimate form of conversation called sobhet. What I love most about In Search of Wisdom is the fragrance of friendship of the authors, the quality of conversation that arises from the seedbed of their companionship, and the openhearted invitation they offer us to sit around the hearth and join with them in an exploration of what it means to be human.” ―Saki Santorelli, EDD, MA, author of Heal Thy Self: Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine

“In this wide-ranging series of enlightening conversations, three prominent thinkers share what they have learned about facing suffering, achieving happiness, helping others, and following their "deepest aspirations"...The conversations in this sprawling feast of ideas offer a model of engaged dialogue based on mutual regard.” ―Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

“Illuminating...[In Search of Wisdom] is rich with interesting and unusual insights...The trio are humble, describing themselves as seekers rather than sages, but the reader seeking helpful life wisdom will find many nuggets of it here.” ―Spirituality & Health

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